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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sherwood Forest Faire: Last Weekend of the Season!

The Sherwood Forest Faire is a renaissance festival located at 1883 Old Hwy 20, McDade TX 78650 .  It is off of Hwy 290 east of Austin and north of Bastrop.  As the name implies, it is centered around the story of Robin Hood, Maid Marion, King Richard, and Prince John circa 1192 AD.  They are not the only ones in Sherwood Forest, however.  There are also pirates, faeries, and gypsies!

This year the festival is active from the weekends beginning on February 9th and ending on March 31st, so there is one weekend left before it is over.  There is a main storyline act which takes place everyday that the faire is open about the theft and return of King Richard's crown.  It is definitely worth following and watching.  The actors are easily heard and very funny.  Other than a very memorable main story there are several other acts, musicians, and shops to occupy your time.  You might want to attend both days as it is difficult to see everything all in one day.  Maps can be found here:

ACTS:  Some of the acts include Merlin the Wise, The Pirates of Sherwood: 'Tis A Pirate's Life,  Giacomo the Jester, Hands of Fatima Bellydance, Fool Hearty: Fool's School, Puppet Show, The Karma Dogma Show, Washing Well Wenches (my personal favorite), Poalo Garbanzo Juggling Fool, Shakespeare: The Rotten Luck of Romeo and Juliet, Gypsy Eyes Bellydance, Faery Dance, Sherwood's Mud Show, Sky Kings Birds of Prey, Boris Storyteller, Games Joust, and the Faery Tea Party.

MUSICIANS:  There are musicians such as Jason Gunn Bagpipe Show, Worthy Waites of Whimsy, Klaus of Hamelin, Wino Vino, Tulstin Troubadors, Abby Green, Saxon Moon, Rambling Sailors, Madman Maverick, Shillelagh!, VaNa MaZi, Coal Black Rose, Kaade of the Woods, Faire to Middlin', Bard O'Neill, Wine & Alchemy, and The Bedlam Bards.





  • Archery – Booth 308
  • Axe Throwing – Booth 650
  • Fish Flipping – Booth 608
  • Fish Pond – Booth 603
  • Jacob’s Ladder – Booth 602
  • King of the Log – Booth 604
  • The King’s Carousel – Booth 210
  • The King’s Pony Ride – Booth 600
  • King Richard’s Swings – Booth 309
  • Knife Throwing – Booth 649
  • Maypole Ride – Booth 431
  • Quintaine – Booth 648
  • The Scarlet Maze – Booth 430
  • Test of Strength – Booth 652
  • Tubs of Fun – Booth 211

Apothecary, Chandler & Perfumier





Drinking Vessels

Fine Art







Musical Instruments




Especially For the Wee Folk

Here to Serve Thee

(Shoppes | Sherwood Forest Faire website. .  3/26/2013)

Tickets at the gate are $18 ages 13 and up, $10 ages 6 to 12, and ages 5 and under are free.  If you would like to camp for the weekend, prices are $10 ages 13 and up, $5 for ages 6-12, and ages 5 and under are free (these prices are for the entire weekend, not per day).  Faire tickets are sold at a discounted price at participating HEB stores.  For more information about Sherwood Forest Faire, visit their website at:

Remember, this is the last weekend of Sherwood Forest Faire (March 30th and 31st) for the 2013 season.  Then, it's on to Scarborough Renaissance Festival!

Long Live the Festivals!  HUZZAH!
Lord Thomas Wylde

Monday, March 25, 2013


Hello and welcome to the inaugural post of the Texas Renaissance Festivals blog!  Renaissance festivals are magical places where people can rub shoulders with others who love that era of history.  You can watch shows that range from comedy to music.  There is jousting, pirates, gypsies, and faeries.  You can meet such renowned and legendary figures such as Kings George and Richard and Robin Hood.  Musical styles can range from Celtic, Norse, Gypsy, and Middle Eastern and can been enjoyed from the various stages located throughout these faires.

This blog series is dedicated to informing its readers about the various faires and festivals located in Texas.  There will also be reviews of the musicians, acts, and vendor shops that can be found there.  Hopefully, there will also be interviews will the musicians, actors, and shop owners as well.  There will also be posts about topics such as camping, clans, and other gatherings such as music festivals and games associated with the renaissance era.

Now for a personal introduction!  I am Billy W. Mitchell, also known as Lord Thomas Wylde.  I am a Geography: Resource and Environmental Studies major at Texas State University.  I have been attending  festivals for most of my 42 years of life.  I have been a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (commonly called the SCA), which is a renaissance era re-enactment group, for approximately 10 years.  I am a poet, author, and photographer.  I have had two collections of poetry published through PublishAmerica LLLP entitled "Schisms of Reality" and "Love, Spirituality, and Politics: Schisms of Reality, Volume 2".  I will do my best to bring this information to my readers in a fair and unbiased fashion.

I look forward to telling everyone about Renaissance Faires and Festivals.  HUZZAH!!!

Long Live the Festivals!
Lord Thomas Wylde
(Billy W. Mitchell)